In silico identification of functional LC3 Interacting Region Motifs

Submitted 1 sequence
>sp|O75143|ATG13_HUMAN Autophagy-related protein 13 OS=Homo sapiens GN=ATG13 PE=1 SV=1

xLIR motifs are displayed as magenta rectangles in the domain architecture graphic

MOTIF START END LIR sequence PSSM score Similar LIRs In PDB Anchor
xLIR166171EGFQTV11 (1.5e-01)No
xLIR442447DDFVMI20 (8.4e-03)ATG13_HUMAN 442-447 (6)
OPTN_HUMAN 176-181 (4)
Q8MQJ7_DROME 389-394 (4)
ULK1_HUMAN 355-360 (5)
ULK2_HUMAN 351-356 (4)

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