In silico identification of functional LC3 Interacting Region Motifs

Submitted 1 sequence
>sp|P27797|CALR_HUMAN Calreticulin OS=Homo sapiens GN=CALR PE=1 SV=1 (Motif position in paper refers to mature protein chain)

xLIR motifs are displayed as magenta rectangles in the domain architecture graphic

MOTIF START END LIR sequence PSSM score Similar LIRs In PDB Anchor
xLIR107112GGYVKL12 (1.1e-01)[+/-]No
xLIR166171DEFTHL14 (5.7e-02)SQSTM_HUMAN 336-341 (4)
xLIR198203DDWDFL26 (1.2e-03)CALR_HUMAN 198-203 (6)
CLH1_HUMAN 512-517 (4)
SQSTM_HUMAN 336-341 (4)

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